At 100THX we use Artificial Intelligence to derive medical measurable outcomes. Placebo has plagued the medical profession for a long time. We proudly deliver the first of its kind, consistent trails outcomes.

The Enoch Project

Activation of certain genetic portion of the plants genome at the beginning of the growth cycle, we enable faster response environmental response. This is a non-gmo and organic method of genetic expression. The outcome is a fast growing, healthy plant that can adopt and deploy its internal mechanism which allow it to grow to its full potential.

This groundbreaking technology allows us to control how much of each compounds will grow, for example a Sativa plant generally has less CBx Groups(CBD, CBN, CBG and others) vs Indica strains. It has also generally accepted that lower THCA potency plants have higher concentration of CBx Groups. Our technology grows the healthiest plants on the planet.

Our proprietary activation technology shatters all common beliefs. As we can attenuate a higher potency THC plant with significantly increased rare Cannabinoids for commercial purposes.


AI-GTS - Artificial Intelligence DNA Analysis to improve patient outcomes

AI-GTS is a brilliant service we will soon be offering to clinics around the world. Our AI scientist will improve patients lives by providing doctors with never before seen information. This revolutionary system will help practitioners, hospitals and governments around the world to save costs, cut treatment times and improve patient care. Utilizing block chain technologies we assure the preservation of doctor patient privilege.


Tourette's Treatment with potential for Alzheimer's

Tourette's syndrome has remained an enigma in the medical field for many years, until now. Our proof of concept demonstrated change in behavior, tics reduction and the ability of the brain to input new behavior patterns. We broke down why tics occur in the first place, why the onset of subset of labeled behaviors such as OCD, ADHD are so prominent.

Secondary targets revealed that a very specific Alzheimer markers are shared by Tourette's. Our treatment targets a specific marker in the brain. It is estimated that about sixty percent of Alzheimer's suffers posses this marker. Our data tells us we can stop the formation of plaque buildup in ninety percent of those cases. We are looking for active partners and working relationships for this treatment.


Higher cognitive functions, secondary CFS/ME

This is our answer for medical cannabis users who require to retain their higher cognitive functions while using high potency cannabis. This is a non-prescription treatment that has wonderful secondary benefits for athletics. Faster muscle recovery and quicker response time are just some of the key benefits. Interestingly enough the treatment shares common pathways with chronic fatigue sufferers by attenuating ATP production and by enhancing the brains function.


Hair Restoration Cream

This is a prescription formula that we are in progress of proving. This formula will help about seventy to eighty percent of population restore lost hair, strengthen existing hair and improve overall well being. Due to our unique approaches we can test and tell how well this treatment will work for each individual. Our plans include to have custom formulations made for improved efficacy, by working with hair restoration companies around the world, we can move faster to restore, improve your hair and self esteem.


Arthritic Cream

Utilized by Dr. Samuel Mellace, his formulation for to relive arthritis is highly sought after in the British Columbia Valley. We now are looking for a partner to bring his incredible formulation to the rest of world. Don't let arthritis dictate your life, help is on the way.